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Recent Publications Acknowledging the UCR Center for Catalysis:


Steven P. Fisher, Scott G. McArthur, Varun Tej, Sarah E. Lee, Allen L. Chan, Isaac Banda, Aaron Gregory, Kevin Berkley, Charlene Tsay, Arnold L. Rheingold, Gregorio Guisado-Barrios, Vincent Lavallo, Strongly Coordinating Ligands To Form Weakly Coordinating Yet Functional Organometallic Anions, J. Am. Chem. Soc., DOI: 10.1021/jacs.9b10234, 2019.

P. R. Jothi, Y. Zhang, K. Yubuta, D. B. Culver, M. Conley, B. P. T. Fokwa: Abundant Vanadium Diboride with Graphene-like Boron layers for Hydrogen Evolution, ACS Appl. Energy Mater., DOI: 10.1021/acsaem.8b01615, 2019.
H. Park, Y. Zhang, E. Lee, P. Shankhari, B. P. T. Fokwa: Designing highly active high current density HER electrocatalysts: Graphene-like boron layer and tungsten as key ingredients in metal diborides, ChemSusChem, DOI: 10.1002/cssc.201901301, 2019. Invited Front Cover
Mixed-Oxide Catalysts: The Case of Alumina Addition to Silica-Supported Platinum for the Selective Hydrogenation of Cinnamaldehyde, Top. Catal., DOI: 10.1007/s11244-019-01163-4 (2019). INVITED, Special Issue entitled " 6th San Luis Conference on Surfaces, Interfaces and Catalysis."
Rodriguez, J.; Culver, D. B.; Conley, M. P. Generation of Phosphonium Sites on Sulfated Zirconium Oxide: Relationship to Brønsted Acid Strength of Surface –OH Sites. J. Am. Chem. Soc., 141, 1484-1488 (2019).
Yueqiang Cao, Bo Chen, Jonathan Guerrero-Sánchez, Ilkeun Lee, Xinggui Zhou, Noboru Takeuchi, Francisco Zaera, Controlling Selectivity in Unsaturated Aldehyde Hydrogenation Using Single-Site Alloy Catalysts, ACS Catal., 9, 9150-9157 (2019).
Culver, D. B.; Conley, M. P. Activation of C–F Bonds by Electrophilic Organosilicon Sites Supported on Sulfated Zirconia. Angew. Chem. Int. Ed., 130, 15118-15121 (2018).
Huynh, W.; Culver, D. B.; Tafazolian, H.; Conley, M. P. Solid-state 45Sc NMR of Cp*2Sc–X and Cp*2ScX(THF). Dalton Trans., 47, 13063 - 13071 (2018).
Culver, D. B.; Huynh, W.; Tafazolian, H.; Ong, T. C.; Conley, M. P. The Beta-Agostic Structure in (C5Me5)2ScCH2CH3: Solid-State NMR Studies of (C5Me5)2Sc–R (R = Me, Ph, Et). Angew. Chem. Int. Ed., 57, 9250-9253 (2018).
Culver, D. B.; Tafazolian, H.; Conley, M. P. A Bulky Pd(II) α-Diimine Catalyst Supported on Sulfated Zirconia for the Polymerization of Ethylene and Copolymerization of Ethylene and Methyl Acrylate. Organometallics, 37, 1001-1006 (2018).
B. Seemala, C. M. Cai, R. Kumar, C. E. Wyman, P. Christopher, Effects of Cu-Ni Bimetallic Catalyst Composition and Support on Activity, Selectivity, and Stability for Furfural Conversion to 2-Methyfuran, ACS Sust. Chem. Eng.6(2), 2152-2161 (2018).
Zhihuan Weng, Zhi-hui Chen, Xiangdong Qin, and Francisco Zaera, Sub-Monolayer Control of the Growth of Oxide Films on Mesoporous Materials, J. Mater. Chem. A6, 17548-17558 (2018).
Zhihuan Weng and Francisco Zaera, Sub-Monolayer Control of Mixed-Oxide Support Composition in Catalysts via Atomic Layer Deposition: Selective Hydrogenation of Cinnamaldehyde Promoted by (SiO2-ALD)-Pt/Al2O3ACS Catal.8, 8513-8524 (2018).
Stavros Karakalos and Francisco Zaera, Monte Carlo Simulations of the Uptake of Chiral Compounds on Solid Surfaces, J. Phys. Chem. C122(2), 444–454 (2018). INVITED, Miquel B. Salmeron Festschrift
Abigail Feceu, Lauren E. Sangster, David B. C. Martin, Unexpected Alkene Isomerization during Iterative Cross-Coupling To Form Hindered, Electron-Deficient Trienes, Org. Lett.20(11), 3151–3155 (2018).
Francisco Zaera, Infrared Absorption Spectroscopy Characterization of Liquid-Solid Interfaces: The Case of Chiral Modification of Catalysts, Surf. Sci.669, 16-24 (2018). INVITED, Special Issue: Surface Science of Liquid Interfaces.
Yujung Dong and Francisco Zaera, Selectivity in Hydrogenation Catalysis with Unsaturated Aldehydes: Parallel versus Sequential Steps, J. Phys. Chem. Lett.9, 1301-1306 (2018).
Zhihuan Weng, Tianyi Yu, and Francisco Zaera, Synthesis of Solid Catalysts with Spatially Resolved Acidic and Basic Molecular Functionalities, ACS Catal.8, 2870−2879 (2018).
Jinyu Li, Paul Fleurat-Lessard, Francisco Zaera and Françoise Delbecq, Switch in relative stability between cis and trans 2-butene on Pt(111) as a function of experimental conditions: A DFT study, ACS Catal.8, 3067–3075 (2018).
Francisco Zaera, Gold-Titania Catalysts for Low-Temperature Oxidation and Water Splitting, Top. Catal.61, 336-347 (2018). INVITED, Special Issue Honoring Prof. Cynthia Friend.
Zhihuan Weng and Francisco Zaera, Synthesis of Chiral Dendrimer-Encapsulated Nanoparticle (DEN) Catalysts, Top. Catal.61(9-11), 902-914 (2018). INVITED, Special Issue Honoring Prof. Gabor A. Somorjai
Tafazolian, H.; Culver, D. B.; Conley, M. P. A Well-Defined Ni(II) α-Diimine Catalyst Supported on Sulfated Zirconia for Polymerization Catalysis. Organometallics, 36, 2385-2388 (2017).

Francisco Zaera, Chirality in Adsorption on Solid Surfaces, Chem. Soc. Rev.46, 7374-7398 (2017).

P. M. Bogie, Y. Lyon, L. R. Holloway, R. R. Julian, R. J. Hooley, Metal-selective coordination and enhanced fluorescence of a self-assembling ligand scaffold, Supramolec. Chem.29(12), 936-945 (2017).
L. DeRita, S. Dai, K. Lopez-Zepeda, N. Pham, G. W. Graham, X. Pan, P. Christopher, Catalyst Architecture for Stable Single Atom Dispersion Enables Site-Specific Spectroscopic and Reactivity Measurements of CO Adsorbed to Pt Atoms, Oxidized Pt Clusters, and Metallic Pt Clusters on TiO2J. Am. Chem.Soc. 139(40), 14150-14165 (2017).
F. Lyu, Y. Bai, Z. Li, W. Xu, Q. Wang, J. Mao, L. Wang, X. Zhang, Y. Yin, Self-Templated Fabrication of CoO–MoO2Nanocages for Enhanced Oxygen Evolution, Adv. Funct. Mater.27(34), 1702324 (2017).
C. Asokan, L. DeRita, P. Christopher, Using probe molecule FTIR spectroscopy to identify and characterize Pt-group metal based single atom catalysts, Chin. J. Catal.38(9), 1473-1480 (2017).
X. Li, Z. Wang, Z. Zhang, G. Yang, M. Jin, Q. Chen, Y. Yin, Construction of Au-Pd alloy shells for enhanced catalytic performance toward alkyne semihydrogenation reactions, Materials Horizons4(4), 584-590 (2017).
K. Li, N. J. Hogan, M. J. Kale, N. J. Halas, P. Nordlander, P. Christopher, Balancing Near-Field Enhancement, Absorption, and Scattering for Effective Antenna-Reactor Plasmonic Photocatalysis, Nano Lett.17(6), 3710-3717 (2017).
B. Seemala,  C. M. Cai,  C. E. Wyman,  P. Christopher, Support Induced Control of Surface Composition in Cu-Ni/TiO2Catalysts Enables High Yield Co-Conversion of HMF and Furfural to Methylated Furans, ACS Catal.7(6), 4070-4082 (2017).
P. R. Jothi, Y. Zhang, J. P. Scheifers,  H. Park, B. P. T. Fokwa: Molybdenum diboride nanoparticles as highly efficient electrocatalyst for the hydrogen evolution reaction, Sustainable Energy & Fuels1, 1928–1934 (2017).
H. Park, Y. Zhang, P. R. Jothi, J. P. Scheifers, A. Encinas, B. P. T. Fokwa: Graphene- and phosphorene-like boron layers with contrasting activities in highly active Mo2B4 for hydrogen evolution, J. Am. Chem. Soc.139(37), 12915–12918 (2017).
Jordan W. Taylor, Alex McSkimming, Camilo F. Guzman, and W. Hill Harman, N-Heterocyclic Carbene-Stabilized Boranthrene as a Metal-Free Platform for the Activation of Small Molecules, J. Am. Chem. Soc.139(32), 11032–11035 (2017).
Jordan W. Taylor, Alex McSkimming, Marc-Etienne Moret, and W. Hill Harman, A Molecular Boroauride: A Donor–Acceptor Complex of Anionic Gold, Angew. Chem., Int. Ed.56,10413–10417 (2017). VERY IMPORTANT PAPER
Francisco Zaera, The Surface Chemistry of Metal-Based Hydrogenation Catalysis, ACS Catal.7, 4947-4967 (2017). INVITED PERSPECTIVE
Yujung Dong and Francisco Zaera, Kinetics of Hydrogen Adsorption during Catalytic Reactions on Transition Metal Surfaces, Catal. Sci. Technol., DOI: 7, 5354-5364 (2017). INVITED, "Catalytic reactivity of surfaces: in recognition of Francois Gault" themed issue.
Yufei Ni, Alexander D. Gordon, Florisa Tanicala, and Francisco Zaera, Correlation Between Chiral Modifier Adsorption and Enantioselectivity in Hydrogenation Catalysis, Angew. Chem., Int. Ed.56(27), 7963-7966 (2017).
Stavros Karakalos and Francisco Zaera, Monte Carlo Simulations of the Uptake of Chiral Compounds on Solid Surfaces, J. Phys. Chem.122(2), 444–454 (2017). INVITED, Miquel B. Salmeron Festschrift
Dana R. Chambers, Raymond E. Sullivan, and David B. C. Martin, Synthesis and Characterization of Alkoxycarbonyl Cobalt Complexes via Direct Carbonylation Methods, Organometallics36(8), 1630–1639 (2017).
H. Park, A. Encinas, J. P. Scheifers, Y. Zhang, B. P. T. Fokwa, Boron-dependency of molybdenum borides electrocatalysts for the hydrogen evolution reaction, Angew. Chem. Int. Ed.56(20), 5575–5578 (2017). HOT PAPER
Francisco Zaera, Use of Molecular Beams for Kinetic Measurements of Chemical Reactions on Solid Surfaces, Surf. Sci. Rep.72, 59-104 (2017). INVITED
Juan Simonovis, Aashani Tillekaratne and Francisco Zaera, The Role of Carbonaceous Deposits in Hydrogenation Catalysis Revisited, J. Phys. Chem. C21(4), 2285–2293 (2017).
Francisco Zaera, The Long and Winding Road to Catalysis, Nature541, 37-38 (2017).  INVITED, NEWS AND VIEWS.
Matthew J. Kale, Dillon Gidcumb,  Franklin J. Gulian, Steven P. Miller, Christopher H. Clark, Phillip Christopher, “Evaluation of Pt Catalysts for Naval Submarine Pollution Control”, Applied Catalysis B203, 533-540 (2017).

Aashani Tilekaratne, Juan Pablo Simonovis, Francisco Zaera, Ethylene Hydrogenation Catalysis on Pt(111) Single Crystal Surfaces Studied Using Mass Spectrometry and In-Situ Infrared Absorption Spectroscopy, Surf. Sci.652, 134-141 (2016). INVITED, Special Issue entitled “Insights into Surface Phenomena: In Honor of John T. Yates, Jr.”

John C. Matsubu, Leo DeRita, Shuyi Zhang, George W. Graham, Xiaoqing Pan, Phillip Christopher, Adsorbate-Mediated Strong Metal-Support Interactions in Oxide-Supported Rh Catalysts, Nature Chemistry9,120–127 (2016).
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Yujung Dong, Maryam Ebrahimi, Aashani Tillekaratne, Juan Pablo Simonovis, and Francisco Zaera, Hydrogenation vs. H-D Isotope Scrambling during the Conversion of Ethylene with Hydrogen/Deuterium Catalyzed by Platinum under Single-Collision Conditions, Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys.18, 19248-19258 (2016).

Juan Simonovis and Francisco Zaera, Abrupt Increase in Hydrogen Diffusion on Transition-Metal Surfaces During Hydrogenation Catalysis, Chem. Sci.7, 4660-4666 (2016).
Yujung Dong, Maryam Ebrahimi, Aashani Tillekaratne, and Francisco Zaera, Direct Addition Mechanism during the Catalytic Hydrogenation of Olefins over Platinum Surfaces, J. Phys. Chem. Lett.7, 2439-2443 (2016).
Junghyun Hong, Stavros Karakalos, and Francisco Zaera, Changes in the Enantiomeric Composition of Chiral Mixtures Upon Adsorption on a Non-Chiral Surface, Angew. Chem., Int. Ed.55(21), 6225–6228 (2016).
Yoon Jae Lee, Ji Bong Joo, Yadong Yin, and Francisco Zaera, Evaluation of the Effective Photoexcitation Distances in the Photocatalytic Production of H2 from Water using Au@Void@TiO2 Yolk-Shell Nanostructures, ACS Energy Lett.1 (2016) 52-56. INVITED, Inaugural Issue.
Ilkeun Lee, Ji Bong Joo, Yadong Yin, and Francisco Zaera, Au@Void@TiO2 Yolk-Shell Nanostructures as Catalysts for the Promotion of Oxidation Reactions at Cryogenic Temperatures, Surf. Sci.648, 150-155 (2016).  INVITED, Special Issue honoring Gabor A. Somorjai.

Tana Tana, Qi Xiao, Yiming Huang, Sarina Sarina, Phillip Christopher, Jianfeng Jia, Haishun Wu, Huaiyong Zhu, Non-plasmonic Metal Nanoparticles as Visible Light Photocatalysts for Selective Oxidation of Aliphatic Alcohols With Molecular Oxygen at Near Ambient Conditions, Chem. Comm.52, 11567-11570 (2016).

Talin Avanesian, Gabriel S. Gusmao, Phillip Christopher*, “Mechanism of CO2 reduction by H2 on Ru(0001) and general selectivity descriptors for late-transition metal catalysts”, J. Catalysis343, 86-96 (2016).
John C. Matsubu, Eric T. Lin, Kyle L. Gunther, Krassimir N. Bozhilov, Yibo Jiang, Phillip Christopher, Critical role of interfacial effects on the reactivity of semiconductor-cocatalyst junctions of photocatalytic oxygen evolution from water, Catalysis Science and Technology6, 6836-6844 (2016).
Matthew J. Kale, Phillip Christopher, Utilizing Quantitative in Situ FTIR Spectroscopy To Identify Well-Coordinated Pt Atoms as the Active Site for CO oxidation on Al2O3-Supported Pt Catalysts, ACS Catalysis6, 5599-5609 (2016).
Talin Avanesian, Phillip Christopher, Scaled Degree of Rate Control: Identifying Elementary Steps that Control Differences in Performance of Transition-Metal Catalysts, ACS Catalysis6, 5268-5272 (2016).
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Joo, J. B.; Liu, H.; Lee, Y. J.; Dahl, M.; Yu, H.; Zaera, F.; Yin, Y. Tailored Synthesis of C@TiO2 Yolk-Shell Nanostructures for Highly Efficient Photocatalysis, Catal. Today, 2016, 264, 261-269 (2016)
Zhao, H.; Wang, D.; Gao, C.; Liu, H.; Han, L. Yin, Y. Ultrafine Platinum/Iron Oxide Nanoconjugates Confined in Silica Nanoshells for Highly-Durable Catalytic Oxidation J. Mater. Chem. A4, 1366-1372 (2016).
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Yang Li and Francisco Zaera, Factors Affecting Activity and Selectivity in the Oxidation of Glycerol Promoted by Platinum Catalysts, Catal. Sci. Technol.5, 3773-3781 (2015).
Yang Li and Francisco Zaera, Sensitivity of the Glycerol Oxidation Reaction to the Size and Shape of the Platinum Nanoparticles in Pt/SiO2 Catalysts, J. Catal.326, 116-126, (2015).


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